If it was easy to just say stuff about myself I’d probably have not started several blogs in the first place. I am currently 22, I’m three semesters worth of classes away from getting a degree. Than off to law school I go teaching along the way. …..




It’s not what I’m about, but these are always the first facts to come up, my hometown (Queens), what’s my major, what church do I go too, where do I work, are these really the components of what I’m all about.


If I had to choose a word to describe myself, troublesome. So many complex emotions to run through I’d rather be a major, a daughter, a church member. But though there in those titles lie part of me where’s the whole. So to make a long drawn out introduction complete THIS IS WHAT I”M ABOUT…

Christ first and foremost, I’m not getting on a soapbox condemning or judging. HE saved my life plain and simple, He died for mankind whether we chose to believe does not effect His soverignity, it instead effects how we live this life and the next.

Secondly family is what keeps me going I have two brothers who have carried me through many a rough time, and a Mom who has dealt with travesty,  horror, and evil; with the grace and wisdom befitting a queen.

I’m loyal to a fault and dense at times, me gusta muchas cosas.  That’s all for now


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