Monthly Archives: April 2013

High school


As someone who was homeschooled through middle and high school you wonder what experience you would have had. I’d like to think I would have glided through unscathed but the more and more I ponder on this subject I fear my expecptations are missed placed.
See i’ve found work is highschool you get paid to go to. You have a regular clicks maybe a bit more inclusive but otherwise the same. So how does this effect my rosy view of my non existant highschool years. Well cause I’m typing this from a bathroom stall waiting for my lunch break to finish so I can scurry back to my desk to await this day to be over. Now im running late waiting for it to empty out more so i can slink out sigh my anti soci has recieved an all time high sigh im gonna have to make a run for it until next time adios


Smart phone equals more quantity and perchance quality will follow


So I just got the Samsung galaxy three, which means instead of a slide I now have a phone that connects to the internet which in theory is supposed to make life easier. So far it’s just a phone that stops boredom during breaks at work.
     So anyway let’s catch up on my life since the last time I posted. I have a dog now black ladlb and sheperd mix. I painted my entire floor after ripping up the carpet. Its been a rough couple of months,  but on the bright side I found a great conselor l, who has been helping me a lot. Since this has been a really tough time I’ve disconnected from my friends. Most people (or at least the ones I have in my head to judge myself by) lean into their friends and loved ones at times such as these me I’m just weird and sxcared, sad, angry, and lost. I’m leaning on God a lot more and that has been helping. Also my counselor has really gotten to the meat of my issues, which is scary and fantastic all at once.
She told me I could either fight the hard battle ahead of me or wait until I have children and deal with it than. I’m choosing now versus later which is super weird cause I am a hard-core procrastinator but I am tired of pretending to be okay I wante to BE OKAY.
Also I want to date I’m 23 and never been on a single date. Now I’ve always sad it’s because I’m overweight but that’s not entirely true, for instance on Valentine’s day random stranger asks me out while Im pumping gas. But I’m very standoff with guys if any random guy compliments me automatic creeper card ( though gas station guy definitely creepy). Also I know myself I’m not gonna date a bunch before settling down, I want quality not quantity.  But as of right now I’m to broken for love to last but as I lean into God his takes my broken pieces and makes me whole so there is the update. Another post will come soon