At Work She Writes

I figured rather than going slightly insane at work, I could write a post since it been so long. So I’m about a week away from entering a new house which is exciting and scary all at the same time. I really wish it were more certain, but I’m enjoying the calm before the storm. Schools almost over and I’m running behind as usually, So I’ve redefined online classes are not for me. I really am not well displaced enough for them. Speaking of discipline I’m pretty sure that’s my word for this coming year. I need to learn discipline, like Washington needs to keep their pants on. I mean maybe a little less than Washington but definitely in the middle somewhere. I mean I haven’t lost a single pound since I wrote the post about losing wait. I think I gained 2lbs actually. Regardless I’ve kept true to my word of minimizing my social impact, but I’ve just picked up other bad habits like dating sims and online Japanese stuff. But today is a reboot, and the new house is a new being. throwing out stuff I don’t need. finishing things that need to get done. Returning Items I have borrowed. As a side note, I am a terrible borrower, I have 4 items that I borrowed way to long ago to still have. I’ve will be moving twice and still have this things sigh. One is a housekeepers outfit and a Neon Trees album that I borrowed from someone I haven’t seen in a year, we had a conflict and the resolution was separation. Than I have a Office season something DVD I’ve never watched that I borrowed from a friend that I haven’t seen cause were both super busy and well I’m bigger and don’t want to see him so I must mail this. And lastly ACII that I was given by my awesome person T-wolf. They say you never forget your first and I probably won’t. AC II first video game I every completed 92% and every now and then I add a few more memories on the game. So the wonderful owner of this game moved back home. So may be it’s not a bad borrow, so much as I have bad timing, I have solved how to get the dress and cd back to friend number one via my mom whose friends with her mom. And the other two it will have to be via the mail which will probably be the first week of December near my b-day. Happy b-day to me I’m giving back your stuff lol.
And yes I’m still at work, I’m not trying to waste time but apparently every time I speak with a co-worker someone cries. Apparently my face screams let us get emotionally deep while on the clock. I must figure out the facial vibes i am sending to figure it all out. so back from the two side notes
I’ve decided to get more self control, which will be difficult but baby steps. First waking up the same time everyday, Secondly adhering to my class schedule. Arriving to work 20mins early to work, regardless of when I went to bed. Also I need to take care of my stuff more. Like currently my car is all clean and after the closing of the new house I’ll take it to the mechanic to get everything changed. Also I have to get ready for the puppy were getting my brother ^_^. It’s a surprise but that also takes a lot of discipline. I have a cat, which takes the discipline of 0 to care for. But with two pets that ups the anti I will have to take them for checkups and shots and all that good stuff. It shall be intriguing. Sigh it really is a bit slow today at work, but I don’t mind, I like it. It lets me clear my mind.

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