So yeah it fitness Fridays’, I know I missed weightless Wednesday s but since no one reads this meh :P. So I have decided I’m all around tired of doing nothing to change my weight, and view about myself. So I Choose to Lose. I am taking this journey with Chris Powell they guy that does the amazing extreme makeovers weight loss edition. Any way it asks me to answer a bunch of questions so here are the response I’m off to bike to aldi to purchase food.

My goal is to be 130lbs with a six pack. To go to Hawaii climb a volcano and zip line down. To reach my goal before I turn 24yrs old.

Desired Weight 130

Desired Clothes size – 6

Bust: 34½ -35
Waist: 26½ -27
Hips: 37-37½

Current Measurements

As of 7/18/12

Current Weight 318

Clothing Size 24/26

Neck 15’’

Chest  54’’

Waist 56’’

Hips 63’’

Thigh 28’’

To make my goal attainable, I will nix sodas, fast food, and restaurant eating. I will also exercise one hour every day.

Realistic weight loss weekly is 2lbs.

I chose to reach my goal weight by 12/10/2013.

This week I haven’t lost any weight which does not surprise me but I didn’t gain any so that is very important. So I will bike and hr again today and everyday than incorporate more demanding, activities. It’s a long journey an 188lbs journey, that’s a whole other chunky person.  So hopefully I will begin to lose in the double digits to make the process quicker. My 3month goal is to lose 80lbs, by my big bro’s birthday. It’s high I know but as a big person you lose the most weight in the first 3months, so I might as well aim high. If I reach said goal, I will purchase the awesome amazing AC III ^_^.


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  1. You’re going to reach that 3 month goal, no doubt. So I highly suggest slapping down a pre order on ACIII. One of the goodie packages is a replica of Ezio’s Hidden Blade!

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