Beach Day One of Many


 My roommate and I had decided, there have been enough finals and job hours. So hear I am waiting at Rosen at 2:45pm about 2 and 1/2 hrs from our awesome coast destination. I had about 15 minutes to stare out my window and contemplate the universe and all its intricate design. And in fifteen minutes I came up with this amazing epiphany… I don’t know squat! ^_^

This is not a bad thing, this small fact is quite relieving, I don’t  need to have this strict time/dead lines for my life. I just need to live I need to just remember Jesus died for us. Or as a college girl (who passed by the sticker on my car) would say “Why did Justin die for me?” I am a bit of a control freak so not being in charge of my life in its tiniest of details does indeed scare me. However back to beach photos!!!

Now this is the view that makes me want to live on a tiny shack on the coast not worrying about a thing. However life doesn’t pause for sunsets, it just keeps moving towards the next sunrise. We left Rosen and went straight to get chinese food. Sadly I do not have picture of this amazing food as it was too delicious to take a photo of. We got to the beach at 5:30 pm it was chilly but we dove into the water regardless of the wind. This trip was one of those get in the car and drive. The we are young we work hard so who cares. I love trips like this they are the most fun one can have, anything can happen. I was stunned by how many people just stopped to watch the sunset. A warm feeling spread through me that though life can go 100 miles a minute, we as a people still could stop and enjoy collectively the amazing beauty of a sunset. So my gift to use is I will stop typing drivel for a bit and just showing the gorgeous sunset so that wherever you are, you too can stop and stare at the sunset.


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