Just another post Just another Night


So I don’t do this often enough, but I will try and keep this a bit more up to date this week. So I had a wonderful time last night. I been feeling a little down lately and really all I wanted to do was drown my sorrows. <Insert Back story> My family has had its share of alcoholics not in the close family but close enough for a 12 year old kid to hear about it. My grandfather was a drunk who threw my grandmother down the stairs; my grandmother was able to stop drinking her way through her depression and so forth. Anyway I have always said I would never get drunk out of sadness and at twenty –two I’ve never been drunk ever. Personally I don’t see the appeal, but then again I’m a control freak. Now back to last night I had a lovely day of doing chores I needed to do and calling companies to settle accounts, I had accomplish the list of things for that day. So as an award I decided what the hell, let’s test our alcohol tolerance cut to Two 750ml bottles of Zinfandel and a pizza, and Guitar hero and you have five amazing hours of belting out songs. It was great and apparently drinking sparingly for four hours assures you’re not drunk. And I did all the test touch my toes had phone conversations; you know the full proof drunk test lol. Well it was one great random night. It taught me a lot one I can have an amazing time on my own, I don’t need to be out until 3:30 in the morning. Not that I ever was, the point of the matter is I do a mean Karaoke version of Mr. Brightside ^_^. And I a lot of fun. Now this may seem meaningless, but for me it’s monumental. I’ve been through a bit as a child, abuse and what not. When you go through that type of thing you build up safety mechanisms. So at when I turn 22 I realized I really didn’t know who I was versus how not to let people in. So fact number one I found out about myself I LOVE KAROKE. So as I keep going on perhaps I’ll just figure out who I am. As well as what God has for me, be that abroad, at home, or even a husband and a family. But that’s a completely different topic for a whole other post.  Have a blessed day Ciao.


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