Sushi Night and Life


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So I have this favorite sushi place it’s AMAZING. The most calming atmosphere lovely service the manager brings you drinks. The whole package really, a quiet respite from regular dining. A place to write and be creative without the sound of hipsters and the smells of coffee; note I don’t have anything against either. Together however these two forces are grating to say the least. On this fair night I finally am getting my sushi fix. I am personally very excited I haven’t had Suki Hanna (name of the lovely establishment in Orlando, Florida), in ages. This is the place I discovered my love for sushi and amazingly girly sake cosmos. So how did I end up here, well I drove silly, but further more why? I could have gone many more weeks/ months/ years/ without tasting the amazing flavors of sushi but something has drawn me back. The need to be alone in my thoughts with jazzy music playing, and writing my thoughts on a page, something again I rarely do.

Well now that I have set the scene of pink glowing room filled with tables and soft music let’s set the characters. We have the manger included with glowing honey blond highlights, the waitress of which I’ve seen two : One young probably related to someone, as well as an order one. The latter of which knows her job to perfection when to stay or go. Finally we come to the amazing sushi chefs, a power packed duo. These magicians take what we see in our local “ethnic aisles” at the grocery store and turn them in to magic. True geniuses of their art form, which is what I assume they do behind the plated glass.

Now the most notable guests are the one’s currently leaving. Though you can’t see them I didn’t want you to think I was typing with them in the same room as myself; that would be plain rude no ;)? So what true me to them is I initially believed it was a middle age couple on a date. You know the type mid to late 40’s night on the day on the middle of a tiring week. Lighting the flame that was youth and passion, blah, blah, romantic blah. Now the main question is what triggered me to think these thoughts. Firstly their age, also the conversation:

Female: I like because of your discernment your ability to not go into things because the crowd follows.

Male: Nods (he could have said something perhaps a mumble, men do have that frustrating tendency)

Female: it’s true; she knows I love you too.

At this point a swirl of thoughts float is to my mind. No doubt triggered my flipping past too many Spanish soap operas. Is there another woman? Is this a makeup dinner? Why is she begging? Is he going to dine and dash? After a sip of calming sake Cosmo I dare to look up, to see what I can only presume is their child or at the very least her child. Which brought another question to mind: Awkwardness level for the kid? But the child seemed unfazed so I hang up with child services and continue to await my delicious sushi…. A few moments later

OMG (G stands for gosh gee wilkers Tommy fell down a well) so delicious and yummy. The only problem with tonight is I wish they would be a bit picker with their clientele. I know viciously mean. But in my perfect sushi roll of a world, guys would have to go eat sushi away from the girls. Unless accompanied by one. I am as you call shy, or maybe just already the GET OFF MY LAWN!!! Old woman, either way I wish this was true.  Since now I am conscious of every bite lip, deep breath, lip lick, and savoring sigh I make. Which I shouldn’t be of course, the likely hood of any part of my body being looking over by skater guys is doubtful. Not that I am ugly see awesome avatar picture. But I am overweight a downer for most guys a win for me. I go through life where girls adore me as a friend and guys make me their buddy. I love COD as well as watching video games, so I get the best of both worlds. Well except for one thing…  okay so I have to randomly change topics guys.

The patrons in front of me are randomly hilarious I mean I trying not to laugh. And before you ask no they have not left the room they’re still seating in front of me, lol wooh at least I lol through some interface I thought I was going to burst. So the reason these particular gentlemen intrigue me (I use the term very loosely) is as a mom and daughter walked out they check them out and began criticizing their bedazzled booties with them in ear shot. After which they ADD to a football replay in the corner. How is this even possible? Guys have to be the most random creature on this earth.  And they think were complex, ha.  Other topic switch the escapades of a tease, apparently a girl was like lets have sex psyche I’m virgin. How come I feel what actually happened is very different oh well.

I am currently twirling my purity ring as though it were a wedding band as a just in case, better safe  than sorry.  So the drama continues apparently it is not in the BROCODE, to ask a bro to sleep with his sister roommate. She is not protected by any distributive property of code. This evening took a very random turn it went from jazz inspired creativity to the horn section eavesdropping. I also am intrigued to finally see a bro date.  To get an accurate perspective of one a girl cannot be invited because as we all know guys at differently with girls around.


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